Pre-Marital Counseling

“Love Looks Not With The Eyes, But With The Mind.” Shakespeare

Pre-Marital Counseling does more than help couples prepare for marriage.  It assists with transitioning from dating to marriage.  When dating and a conflict arises, each partner separates and cools off but what is a healthy way to handle the situation when you live together? Pre-Martial Counseling provides skills to handle conflict, improve communication patterns, increase intimacy, and move from “I” to “We” thinking. It is an opportunity to explore the strengths and growth areas as a couple. Help heal past relational wounds, improve the ability to resolve future issues quicker, feel a connection, and love amidst the pressures of planning the wedding.

Effective Pre-Marital Counseling focuses on learning how to lean into conflict and talk openly about thoughts and feelings.  Learning ways to compromise and setting realistic expectations.  Couples spend countless hours making sure all the arrangements for the big day are perfect. How much time are you spending learning about your future spouse’s hopes and dreams?  These will be explored along with values, vulnerabilities, and strengths.  Will work on developing a couple’s identity, family planning, and parenting styles.  It also an opportunity to heal any wounds from previous relationships.

I create an atmosphere of honest, safety, and trust.  Together will learn what drew each partner to the other and what makes a good team.  I utilize the Prepare and Enrich program to help identify strengths and growth areas.  Tools and techniques from the Gottman Method are also utilized to improve communication and decrease conflict.  Psychoeducation is employed to foster connection, empathy, and build a foundation so when adversity occurs, the couple can learn and overcome without emotionally hurting their partner.

A secret to a happy marriage is addressing pre-marriage issues, such as culture, and parenting styles before they become irreparable. Pre-Marital Counseling will help engaged couples create the best sustainable relationship possible together.  To learn more about Pre-Marital Counseling or to setup an appointment call me at 503 841-2142, email at, or fill out the contact form located on the contact page.


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