Depression Counseling 

Depression Counseling focuses on helping people cope with feelings of sadness. You are not the only one looking for ways to cope with sadness? It is estimated 15.7 million adults deal with depression ( Many individuals seek out depression counseling. This type of counseling gives people tools to reduce feelings, such as not being worthy. Feelings of sadness can be brought on by grief, starting a new job, or having a baby. Depression counseling helps people see worth, get rid of false thoughts, and brings about positive change. Coping with depression can feel lonely and dark, like being trapped in a black hole.

 Common signs and symptoms of depression

  • Sleeping more than normal
  • Do not feel hungry or want to eat
  • Strong feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
  •  Find no pleasure in activities
  • Feel empty or tired
  • Cry for no reason
  • Feel worthless, guilty or think about things you have done wrong
  • Being angry for no reason
  • Thoughts of death or dying

Causes of Depression

Many reasons can cause depression.  Losing a job or moving to a new city, where you do not know anyone can cause feelings of being alone thus thoughts of not being worthy.  Most people feel sad from time to time but people with depression often can not get out of bed. They sleep a lot and do not want to be with other people thus the feel alone.  Its a constant cycle. These thoughts and feelings happen more often in women then men.  It is hard to deal with because many different things can cause a low mood. It can be caused by a medical condition or chemicals in the brain.

Types of Depression Disorders

Depression takes many forms. Each one is unique because each needs different tools. The most common form of depression often gets in the way of an individual’s ability to eat, sleep, and work thus losing time with family and friends. Clinical Depression keeps people from doing things they would like to do, such as a talking with friends .  People with clinical depression miss work because they can’t get up and go.

Persistent Depressive Disorder has two main signs.  A dark and low mood and that feeling happens most of the day each day for two years.  This form of depression is tough because people with this disorder find it hard to think counseling can help. Many choose not to ask for help.

Postpartum Depression affects many women between one and six months of giving birth.  Mothers coping with postpartum find it hard to care for themselves or their families.  A constant lack of sleep can be one cause because not getting enough sleep creates changes in the brain. Feelings of not being worthy or good enough could linger for years if not treated.

Weather changes can cause depression. This is know as Seasonal Affect Disorder. It usually begins in mid-fall and ends in early spring.  The lack of sun and long days affect the person’s mood  This is very common to people living in the Pacific Northwest due to the numerous months of coldness and rain.

Many other forms of depression can occur.  For more information check out the National Institute of Mental Health brochures (

How Depression Counseling Helps

Together we will develop coping strategies to reduce symptoms of depression thus bringing joy back into your life.  Will do this by creating small goals and scheduling daily activities because this create a sense of purpose.  Identify thoughts and feelings connected with the depressed mood and alter these thoughts.  Several techniques used to change thought processes are: reframing techniques, seeing positives, and changing unrealistic expectation to realistic goals. Together will determine the root causes of the depression and put strategies in place to combat these concerns.

Tips to Reduce Depression

  • Workout daily
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Push yourself to do a favorite activity
  • Create a daily schedule of activities
  • Write out coping cards
  • Write down one goal per day
  • Look for daily postives
  • Avoid alcohol

For more information check out my blog Six strategies to reduce depression .

How to Get Started With Counseling

Deciding to get counseling is a brave thing to do. How long a person stays in counseling depends on how quickly they learn the skills. Some people stay for 2 months and others continue for years. Its what you want to get out of therapy.

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