Co-Parenting Counseling

Provides an opportunity for separating and/or divorced parents to discuss concerns regarding their children and reach collaborative agreements. Divorced parents learn new ways and strategies to approach each other and learn how to become friends now that the relationship has changed.

Co-Parenting Counseling

Parenting children can be difficult. Parents want to create a safe and secure home life for their children. Maintaining such an environment becomes harder when parents live in different households. Some parents are able to remain friends while others only communicate about the children. Miscommunications can lead to stress many ex-couples find themselves using the children as messengers. This is unhealthy and can cause friction between children and parents.
Co-parenting counseling is for divorced, separated, or never-married parents. The counseling focuses on helping parents raise their children as a team in a collaborative environment. This means replicating routines, boundaries, and expectation in both households. Negotiating holidays and vacation time. Discussing the children’s needs respectfully, with empathy, and understanding.

Co-parenting counseling seeks to do six things:

  • Teach parents assertive and open communication to quickly resolve conflicts.
  • Create common rules, boundaries, and expectations for the children.
  • Address issues regarding custody, scheduling, or behavioral concerns.
  • Gain problem-solve tools to ensure decisions are in the best interest of their children.
  • Model healthy relationships for the children.
  • Learn how to approach each other differently now that the relationship has ended.

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