Career Counseling

Career Counseling is an opportunity to clarify, explore, and develop a career identity. Gain personal insight into jobs, education, and career paths that match values, interests and skills.

Explore Your Possibilities

Whether you are just entering the world of work or looking to make a mid-career change, I can help.  Together we will assess current aptitudes, values, and interests. Breakdown fears, realize self-value, and develop goal maps to help you find career satisfaction. Career is one part of developing a balanced life.  Life satisfaction is derived when all of our life areas are harmonious.  Together will create a lifestyle that meets all your needs.

What Do We Do In Career Counseling?

  • Explore Interest and Skills through self-directed assessments.
  • Utilize various card sorts to evaluate various occupations.
  • Research education and schools for chosen occupation, process obstacles, and create coping strategies.
  • Discuss several types of resume formats and determine best fit.
  • Practice interviewing for various jobs through role play exercises.
  • Develop one, three, and five year career paths.
  • Discover your career passion!

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