Accepting New Clients

The Three Factors in Healthy Relationship

Being in a healthy relationship takes a lot of work. Psychology today cited 13 signs to look for in healthy relationships. (  There are three factors in a healthy relationship that helps relationships last. These three factors are: open dialogue, vulnerability, and trust. If one of these factors is missing, such as trust, the relationship [...]

Five Common Problems and Soluctions in Relationships

Relationships are hard. Whether dating, living together, engaged, or married problems will arise. A couple’s ability to work through difficult issues determines if they will stay together or break up. This article focuses on five common problems and offers solutions to keep the couple together. 1. Poor Communication One of the biggest challenges couples experience [...]

What to expect in couples and marriage counseling?

Talking about issues and concerns happening in a marriage or the relationship is scary.  Talking to a stranger, who doesn’t know the history of me and my partner can be terrifying. The purpose of this blog is to answer questions about what to expect in couples and marriage counseling. Hopefully it makes the process of [...]