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Six strategies to reduce depression

A perpetual thundercloud is following me.  I’m surrounded by darkness.  My feet are stuck in quicksand and I’m slowing sinking.  These are common ways people suffering from depression describe their symptoms.  Depression is a mental health concern that is often misunderstood because family or friends, who have never felt sadness cannot understand the constant feeling [...]

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What to expect in couples and marriage counseling?

Discussing issues and concerns happening in a marriage or relationship is scary.  Talking to a stranger, who doesn’t know the history of me and my partner can be terrifying.  A few common thoughts many people have had before entering into marriage or couple’s counseling are: how do I share thoughts and feelings without throwing my [...]

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3 Building Blocks To A Successful Marriage or Relationship

Long moonlight walks while gazing fondly into your partner’s eyes.  Intellectually stimulating conversations while sipping champagne on the veranda.  Wow! Doesn’t that sound nice? Both of these events make great Hollywood love scenes and makes us hunger for these types of romantic interludes in our own marriage or relationship. A successful and happy marriage is [...]

Ten Ways To Create Quality Connection Time in Your Marriage or Relationship

Wilma’s head slowly droops towards her chest. Her eyes feel heavy and begin to close. She blinks several times and shifts position, fighting hard to stave off sleep. Suddenly she hears a low murmur emanating from the other end of the sofa. Fred snores complacently in-sync with the background noise of the television. The [...]

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Eight Strategies for Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Pass by any fitness center or gym, on any given night, and you will find the place packed. Doctor’s offices are brimming with preventive care appointments. Knowledgeably nutritional store workers busily ring up the latest protein shakes or vitamin supplements. We try to eat right, drink plenty of water, and exercise every day. Overall we do a [...]

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