Workplace Counseling

Workplace counseling provides employers and employees with tools to effectively deal with workplace pressures. It assists managers in defining boundaries and mitigating conflict. It also helps staff cope with the aftermath of layoffs and mergers, and can assist employees in creating a professional identity.

Create a Healthier and More Productive Work Environment

Workplace counseling is a preventive tool to reduce the risk of employee burnout. A counselor can work directly with management by providing training. These educational trainings can help managers assess their employees for stress, anxiety, or depression and provide coping strategies.  They can work with employees in overcoming performance barriers, evaluate job fit, and develop career paths. I help every employee from the CEO to the janitor create balanced life areas. When all areas of life are evenly balanced, productivity rises and the organization becomes more stable.  I work with all levels of employees to create a healthier working environment.

When can workplace counseling help:

  • Unexpected death of a co-worker.
  • Aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • Announcement of a merger/layoff.
  • Emotional difficulties arising due to injury or disability.
  • When anger and conflict impacts two or more employees.
  • Manager suspects anxiety, depression, or substance abuse in an employee.
  • Suspected bullying, discrimination, or abuse of power.
  • When preventive mental health psycho-educational training is needed.

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