Groups & Workshops

Adult Anxiety & Depression Group

Description:  Adult group for individuals coping with anxiety and depression. Participants learn strategies to  reduce feelings of hopelessness, worries, and undue stress.  Participants will learn mindfulness, relaxation, and breathing techniques.  They also will learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive actions.

Date & Time:  March 8th-April 26th from 4:00-5:30 PM.
Location: 6950 SW Hampton St. Suite 205 , Tigard, OR.  97223

To register, email or call  (503) 841-2142 ​

Managing Everyday Worries & Concerns

Description:  Often times  we catastrophize small events until our thoughts spin out of control.  This  workshop provides coping strategies for  everyday challenges. Attendees learn how  to acknowledge and turn worrisome concerns  into positive actions. Use  guided imagery  to cope with workplace or school  pressures. Deal effectively with family  obligations that drain energy.

Date:  May 10, 2017
Time:  7:00- 8:30 PM
Location:  Tigard Portland Library
13500 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR.

Mental Health Overview

Description:  4-8 hr workshop providing information regarding mental health and mental well-being.  Mental Health Fundamentals is a one day course providing information about common mental health concerns.  The overview is designed to help managers recognize the warning signs of numerous mental disorders, self-harming behaviors, and destructive defense mechanisms. It arms managers with basic crisis interventions and techniques. Mental Health Foundations also provides practical suggestions on how to begin a mental health discussion with a staff member without stressing the employee.

Ageing with Grace: Mental Well-Being for Older Adults

Description:  1-3 hr workshop exploring how physical, emotional, cognitive, and  social states affect the mental well-being of ageing adults.

Topics Include: Coping with chronic pain, irregular sleep patterns, lifestyle  changes, loss of mobility, depression, and role confusion.  A brief overview of  Dementia and tips on how to promote healthy mental well-being is presented.

Techniques and Tools For Balanced Living

Description:  1-3 hr workshop offering survival skills for working adults balancing busy work schedules and family obligations with higher education.  The workshop focuses on providing self-care and coping strategies to keep working adults attending classes and completing degrees. Three key reasons why students drop out of college is performance anxiety, poor time management skills, and outside concerns.

Topics Include: Coping with home and workplace stresses, time management, the importance of balanced living, effective study tips, and much more, recognizing self-limiting thoughts, and turning concerns into positives.

Creating Harmony In The Workplace

Description:  Mergers, downsizing, and layoffs have become a way of life in the United States.  Most employers focus on the employees being let go, but what of those left behind?  Many experience guilt, shame, and resentment.  Those feelings can decrease productivity or, in the case of mergers, create divisions.  Participants learn how to confront and express their thoughts in a healthy way.  They also learn how to deal with the loss of their co-workers and cope with workplace distress.  Creating Harmony in the Workplace also helps managers effectively guide their staff through the turbulence of change.

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