Angelie Karabatsos

Angelie Karabatsos



I help people create the life and relationships they desire!


Clinical Supervisor: Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

About Angelie Karabatsos

Education: Angelie holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Marylhurst University and Bachelor of Science Management (BS) from Marylhurst University. She is certified in the Prepare/Enrich Program for marital and premarital counseling.

Background: I became interested in human behavior after taking several psychology courses my senior year of high school. My undergraduate and graduate degrees focused on organizational development and marketing, which allowed me to explore behavior from a holistic and analytical perspective. My business career spans 23 years and encompasses relationship, marketing, and project management. I have worked in the Banking, E-commerce and Advertising industries. I have seen the impact of mergers and layoffs. Watched couples struggle balancing careers, family, and relationships.

In 2013, I decided to follow my passion and become a professional counselor. My university internship with Union Gospel Mission LifeChange program focused on helping men and women overcome addictions, trauma, abuse, life transitions, and marital unrest. Today, as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), I help people work through life challenges and teach couples how to increase emotional intimacy.

Pillars of Hope Counseling is about courage, trust, and strength. It takes courage to recognize the need or desire for help. Trust to explore a variety of perspectives and opportunities. Strength to rise above tough challenges. These are the pillars we all possess but often don’t see in ourselves. I help people realize their talents, uncover hidden passions, find forgotten dreams, and overcome difficult life events.

Approach: My approach is one of compassion, collaboration, and creativity. I provide individualized treatment based on each individual or couple’s need. In our work together we will explore perceptions and interactions, discuss opportunities for growth and revisit values. Focus on understanding your partner’s needs, learning to communicate better, building trust, and resolving conflict faster. This creates a deeper emotional bond which increases intimacy. I view counseling as opportunity to begin an amazing journey.

In reaching out there is hope for healing brokenness and improving your quality of life. Call, text, or email me today and let’s talk through your challenges!